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              We are MagicPower Electrical
              Established in 2013, Jiangmen Magic Power Appliance Co.,Ltd.?Who located in the Coastal-city Jiangmen, Guangdong Province with very convenient transportation, which now occupying over 13,333 square meters. We are a professional team for design, research and development, production, sales. Our products include decorative ceiling fans, lighting, household appliances and hardware accessories products processing...
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              MagicPower Electrical-江門市魔力電器有限公司

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              Why MagicPower?

              A professional team for design, research and development, production, sales.
              With superior materials, innovative design, detailed treatment of excellence, We get the trust and support from America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and other countries
              Keep providing customers with perfect service and good quality products is business philosophy

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